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Happy Kids, Happy Parents!

Did you know that one of the main reasons that parents do not attend your event, or that they have to leave early if they do make it along, is simply down to childcare? Now I use the word ‘simply’ here in a bit of a tongue in cheek way as there is often nothing simple at all about arranging suitable childcare.

You might be hosting a conference that would be the perfect fit and would really help Susie with her confidence or it could be an event that can help Adam push forward with his business, but their partners are at work and with no family in the area they have no childcare option.

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Perhaps you are hosting a work team building day and it would be a great opportunity for people to network and get to know their peers better; although you have said that children are welcome, Julie and Dave know they will be too busy keeping an eye on their 2 year old to really get involved and enjoy the day.

Maybe you have invited your nearest and dearest to attend your wedding or party but your best friend is already panicking about how grouchy the kids will get without an afternoon nap and she is already trying to figure out what time she can leave to get them to bed without seeming to be rude.

You may also find that if you are running a child friendly conference, training event, or team building day that there will be those who want to attend but who do not have children themselves and who dread the thought of scores of kids running around causing mayhem and being noisy just at the most crucial times in the day.

All these situations can lead to people rejecting your invitation or failing to book onto an event even when they really want to attend.


How do you solve this issue?


Childcare can be an issue for everyone whether it’s down to being a single parent, having a spouse or partner out at work, or just worrying they can not devote themselves fully to the event you are running it can all prevent them from saying yes and attending.

At Sweetheart Nannies we can help to give peace of mind for both you the organiser, and those that you would like to attend. Whether it is a corporate event you are running or something more intimate we have a package that will suit and can be tailored to your needs.


We have 4 main options that we can offer:

  1. We can set up a full mobile creche in a separate room to where you are holding your event. We can be close enough for Mum and Dad to pop in and check on the kids but far enough away that what we are doing does not disturb your day.
  2. We can offer Event Nannies, they will ensure that the children are looked after allowing Mum and Dad to concentrate on the matter at hand but also have them ready and available should they be needed for photos or activities.
  3. We also have an at-home service so if it really is impossible to have the children along, we can still provide the support you need to allow your guests to say yes to that invite.
  4. As an additional offering we also offer in-room babysitting at a hotel or venue of your choosing to enable those late nights away from home.

We find that happy children equal happy parents and happy parents are less stressed, more engaged, and more likely to stay to the end of the event.


What is involved?


Our mobile creche is a very popular choice and works well at events where you can secure a second room, here we can create an amazing experience for your younger guests that will keep them occupied and out of trouble. Our mobile creche service includes soft play, cars, dolls, non-messy craft activities, giant games and so much more. We also provide sleep mats, blankets & soft flooring so nap time can st

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ill be achieved.

Where a second room isn’t available, we now offer a 5m bell tent which can be set up outside for all to enjoy.

Where our creches go on in to the evening we provide a TV/DVD player to enable the children to have some quiet time, & if they want to, can fall asleep very comfortably. The children can get some rest and not wake up grouchy and tired the following morning.

We have activities suitable for ages 0 to 12 years so once we know the age range of the children attending, we can tailor our creche and bring along all the relevant supplies.

Our Event Nannies will be ‘silent’ guests at your event. They will look after the children with minimum fuss ensuring that any bathroom needs, nappy changes, bottle feeds etc are taken care of. They will make sure that no one misses out on crucial parts of the day, but they will also take a step back when you need them to. Our Event Nannies can either come dressed in smart clothes with a name badge or they can wear a uniform, this is entirely your choice. Event Nannies can work on a 1:2:1 basis with families or can be there to offer general support across multiple families.

Our at-home service really is what it says, if you have an event not suitable for children to attend or if the parents just want to be able to have time together away from the children then our nannies can come to their home or hotel and look after the children there.


Safety and Peace of Mind


The safety of the children and the peace of mind for parents and organisers is number one priority for us at Sweetheart Nannies. Regardless of the service you choose to take, all of our nannies and babysitters will be Level 3 or above qualified, they will all have a valid  Enhanced DBS check and they will have all been interviewed directly by me.

For more information on all packages available and to book please contact us we will be delighted to help support your wedding or event.

In our experience those attending events can get much more involved when they have the peace of mind that there is support available to help look after and entertain their children throughout. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect experience for all.

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