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At Sweetheart Nannies our aim is to ensure all children are safe, entertained, and well looked after.

We specialise in Wedding & Corporate Event Childcare giving you as the Parent, Event Planner or Business the peace of mind that your event childcare will be taken care of from start to finish.

We provide childcare in a range of locations from village halls, exhibition centres, hotels and country houses.

We will ensure that the little sweetheart attending your event will be cared for by professional, DBS police checked nannies and there will be at least one first aider at all events.

Wedding Childcare


Why do I need childcare at my wedding? When planning a wedding most of the time family & friends will have children to consider.

Weddings can be long & tiring days for the best of us before taking in to account the children. Their routine, meal times, nap times, & bed time are potentially going to be totally out of sync for the day.

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Corporate Event Childcare


Is childcare an important addition to my event? In most cases your employees will have families to think about before booking on & attending your event. If they do not have childcare options close by to them or the event, this could mean that they cannot attend, meaning a declined invitation.

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Sweetheart Nannies deliver professional, qualified childcare at any event, on any day, in any venue.

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