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Whatever your event: awards ceremony, AGM, Christmas Party or a business conference, there is a high chance that your attendees will be more likely to attend if they know that there is an option for on-site childcare.

Sweetheart Nannies has a team of nannies who are all qualified childcare professionals, with DBS police checks ready to take great care of the children attending your event. We offer each event an array of activities, games, books, TV/DVD player etc for all ages.

Every event that we attend is always tailored to the age of children attending, the venue/room that we have available to use and any special requests/ themes that the organiser chooses to have on the day.

Our Event Nannies are available to take care of the children on the day, in to the evening, or/& overnight in hotel rooms.

If a mobile creche isn’t necessary at your event & you were looking for an extra pair of hands in the form of our Event Nannies, this can be provided too. Event Nannies are available on a 1:1 basis, or within a room where there are other Parents/ Adults in close proximity & would be available for the children to partake in some other activities, such as a craft table, story corner, or outdoor games etc.

Our main intention is to make the booking process as simple and hassle free for you. Organising any event is very stressful and takes a lot of time to get right. All that we require from you before the big day is an event coordinators name at the venue where you are holding your event, names & ages of the children due to attend and the hours that you require childcare from and until. Everything else is left in our capable hands to organise and arrange. If for whatever reason we feel we need a little more information we will just drop you a message or a call.

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Who will look after my children while I attend the evening party?

We all enjoy a night-off without the children, and so we should! On occasions, there are events that happen where the children are not invited or are not suitable for them to attend.

Sweetheart Nannies babysitters offer childcare at home or in a hotel room while you go out to dinner, a party, or drinks with friends.

As with all of our creche & event nannies, they are all qualified childcare professionals who have been interviewed by myself and hold an Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) police check.

The babysitter will be happy to sit in the hotel room, or at your home and look after your children while you go out for the evening. The babysitter can get the children ready for bed, read them a story &/or settle them to sleep.

I always encourage my babysitters to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start time to introduce themselves, meet the children and familiarise themselves with the home or hotel & get your mobile number & venue of where you are going to be in case of any emergencies.

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