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Children can get bored, tired and agitated which in hand makes the Parents not so happy too. This usually means one of the parents, if not both, leave early & you lose the guests you hoped would stay until the end!

What better way to all enjoy the day than to have Sweetheart Nannies on-site to help deter all of these things happening.

We provide a mobile creche setup with nannies for children of all ages 0-12 years that will keep them entertained & out of mischief for as little or as long as you require.

Mobile Crèche

Our mobile creche services include: Soft play, Building blocks, Cars, Dolls, Activity mats, Giant games, Outdoor games, Space hoppers, Non-Messy craft (Stickers, Decorate your own flag, Jewellery making, Biscuit decorating etc), TV/DVD player, Sleep mats, Soft flooring & blankets to name just a selection!

Sweetheart Nannies Wedding and Event Childcare
Sweetheart Nannies Wedding and Event Childcare
SweetHeart Nannies

1:2:1 Event Nanny

Who will look after my children while we are walking down the aisle?

Nobody likes to miss out on your special day. Imagine how Granny would feel missing the first dance because she had to take little Johnny to bed, Auntie Sue missing the cutting of the cake because she took little Sophia to the toilet or your bridesmaid was changing little Noah’s nappy while the speeches were being read….

Sometimes a mobile creche isn’t always required on your big day, but you feel that an extra pair of hands would be an absolute necessity!

1:2:1 Event nannies give you peace of mind of where the children are at every minute of the day. If your child needed to go down for a nap it enables all of your guests to remain at the reception and nobody having to miss out. If the children are needed for the cutting of the cake, photographs, or the first dance, your Event nanny would just be a nod away ready to bring the children over.

When booking an Event nanny, I always say to couples, it is like having a silent guest, we will arrive in smart clothes & a name badge, not uniform, I feel this is important so that we do not stand out in your photos. We like to look like we are part of your big day rather than standing out with a logo on our top. If, however, you wish for the nanny to be in uniform, this can also be arranged!

Before the wedding day we would arrange for you to meet with the nanny (if time allows) or arrange a Video call, to introduce yourself, ask any questions, go through any routines, likes/ dislikes, special needs/ dietary requirements & discuss how you would like the day to pan out.

The nanny is there for you to make use of, but, if you feel at some points you would like some family time & the nanny is not required, they can step away too. Some families like the children on the top table, & at that point the nanny could take a few minutes out her/himself, or grab some lunch as well. The nanny does not have to be used at every minute, we are there to make your day easier, not make you feel uncomfortable or that you can’t spend time with your children on your wedding day.

Just let us know at your pre-meet how you expect the day to pan out & we can work from there. We all know children are unpredictable and anything can happen, we are trained to deal with whatever is thrown at us, sometimes literally!!

SweetHeart Nannies
SweetHeart Nannies
SweetHeart Nannies