Covid-19 Weddings & Events

What we are doing to help reassure you that they can run safely!


2020 has certainly been a year of unexpected change for us all from schools being closed, to a huge amount of the UK’s workforce trying to work from home, to major events right across the globe being cancelled or pushed back to 2021, and of course our most special events having to be cancelled/rescheduled.

Things are now starting to change; we are slowly coming back out of lockdown and we are able to start planning for the future and thinking about how we are going to be able to celebrate with our loved ones.

The last 6 months has seen a significant number of couples having to cancel or postpone their wedding plans. It has been a heart breaking and disappointing time for many, even though we all appreciate the need for these changes it has not lessened the sting of having those happy days taken away.

Now though as restrictions lift it is finally possible to start getting those happy days booked back in and we here at Sweetheart Nannies are ready to help and support you. Our mission is to help provide you with the most magical day possible. We can do this by taking away the worry of how you can keep your younger guests entertained.

Many of your guests may have young children and you may want them to be a part of your special day but children, as we know, can easily get bored and tired. Our Wedding childcare option takes away the stress that this can cause for both the parents and for you. With our nannies on-site you can be sure that everyone will be able to relax and enjoy your special day.

We can offer a mobile creche facility that can be set up in a separate room, close enough to your reception room, but far enough away for the children to have some much-needed quiet time. We will come along to your wedding armed with age appropriate activities for the children attending on the day. From soft play, to cars, to dolls, to non-messy craft, to giant games, and a TV/DVD player and so much more.

You might not need a full creche facility, and only require an event nanny to look after your own child or children. Many couples feel the need to have an extra pair of hands on the day, we sell this as a silent guest service. Your eyes and ears when the rest of the family are enjoying themselves or otherwise engaged. We can be there from morning till night, or even overnight, on hand to do those all-important nap times, bottle feeds, or nappy changes. You can enjoy your day without the worry that Auntie Sue has gone to put little Jimmy down for a nap while the family photographs are taking place or Granddad has had a little too much lemonade and needs a sit down. You might even be looking to use our nannies in your own home, we can cater for that too and will still follow our rigorous COVID-19 procedures.

Peace of Mind

All our nannies are level 3 qualified or above and they have all undergone an Enhanced DBS check so you can be rest assured that your young guests are in safe hands. Our nannies are equipped with lots of different ways to entertain the children throughout the ceremony and beyond.

Our nannies are all undergoing a new training that has been implemented specifically due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year. Our COVID awareness training ensures that our nannies attending your event are up to date on current recommendations from the government and that they are fully briefed on the processes and procedures that we at Sweetheart Nannies have put in place.

Each event that we attend also has at least one trained first aider present, this again adds to peace of mind for you and for your guests that are making use of our service.

What are the guidelines?

We are following all of the most recent guidelines from the government in regard to COVID-19 so you will find handwashing stations in all of our creche areas, this will include sanitiser and soap. Our nannies will wash their hands regularly and will also encourage the children they are looking after to do the same.

At the time of writing this blog the current guidelines from the government state that you can have up to 30 guests present on the day and that you should be looking to still create social distancing where possible. This may mean that you may need to look for a venue with larger rooms or if that is not possible you might want to consider looking at hiring our outdoor Bell Tent. For more details on the Bell Tent hire please get in touch.

Although the government have released guidelines to ensure that weddings are as safe as possible to attend; individual venues are ultimately responsible for making the decision on if it is safe for them to open and if they can safely provide the service that you may want for your magical day.

Although it has been a worrying time for all it is great to finally be finding a way back to some form of normality. Your wedding may not be quite as you had originally planned but it can still be a magical memorable day and we at Sweetheart Nannies are here to help with that, please do not hesitate to get in touch and find out more about how we can support you and your guests.

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