Are you planning an event for your company?

Did you know that some of your delegates will not be able to attend due to an issue that can be easily fixed?

Look no further, we can help you!

Having on-site event childcare at your conference, awards ceremony, family fun day or annual party could be the answer to achieving a full room.

We will attend your event, in a separate room, close to the corporate event.

All families can have their own allocated nanny, from start to finish OR we can provide event nannies to supervise & entertain a room full of children.

Our creche rooms are full of fun, colour & entertainment – with an array of activities for all ages 0-12 years old.

You do not need to worry about any of the coordination in that room. I will take care of all of the nannies, activities, & nanny: family allocation.

All we need to know is

  • Venue
  • Date
  • Time


Are you planning an event for your company

Closer to the date we would ideally need to know a rough idea of numbers & ages of the children attending on the day to ensure we remain within our OFSTED ratios.

This gives parents the peace of mind that their children are close by, no risk of last minute childcare cancellations, & all staff are qualified, DBS police checked & interviewed by myself. We will also have at least 1 first aider at all of our weddings & corporate events.

Corporate Event Childcare & Wedding Childcare is fast becoming the must-have supplier on board at any event.

Our Mobile creche services are fully insured by Morton Michel & all of my Sweetheart Nannies’ are a minimum level 3 childcare qualified – full peace of mind for all parents to allow them to enjoy the events that they otherwise would have to miss out on.

Let’s make your next event the BEST possible, & one to remember!

Are you planning an event for your company

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