April is here

How much has changed over the last 4 weeks since my last blog? 


Well, I think we have somehow been flipped on our head and the rug pulled completely from under our feet… all being said, it’s amazing how many people & businesses have managed to find some positives & flip their businesses to suit the ever-changing pandemic circumstances. 


No weddings, events, social gatherings, corporate functions or any form of meeting with friends, family or even work colleagues, this quickly put a stop to my busy diary for 2020… quick on my toes I had to think of something that was needed with the schools also closing.


Home School Printed Packs

This is where our Home School packs sprung in to action. 


We are offering parents the chance to have a pack of printed worksheets, word searches, colouring in & doodle sheets to keep the little ones entertained while they are off.  (Check out our social media for more details)


Many parents were struggling with the hike in prices of ink cartridges, lack of printer paper & generally not really knowing the first thing about home schooling their children. 


Let’s be honest, home schooling is tricky for anyone, we are not trained to be teachers!


Especially when we are given no time at all, with little to no preparation time & when everyone’s jobs/ businesses & general life is also up in the air. The last thing we wanted to try and comprehend is home schooling too. 


It has been lovely to see people lifting spirits by placing rainbows in their window, cheering in the streets for the NHS, & others making teddy displays in their gardens, to name just a few! 

Everyone can take a sigh of relief that the Easter holidays are here, a little time to reflect, plan & get some organisation back in to our already busy lifestyles. 


I really hope that we are all listening to the advice & only going out when we absolutely need too. Let’s all Stay Home & Save Lives.


The quicker we all listen, the quicker we will be back out enjoying our normal life, out socialising with our friends & family & really appreciating everything that we used to take for granted. 


Our emergency services, NHS teams, delivery  drivers, supermarket workers, child carers, bin men & everyone in between are really trying their best to help everyone as much as they can. 


Keep going, & remember every day that passes we are one step closer to being out of this Lockdown – Keep Safe! 


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